Quick Thoughts on Keyaki and 6th Single

So, they just announced Keyakizaka46’s 6th single senbatsu and I thought this was a good time to write thoughts on Keyaki’s situation.

  • I also wanted to see a new center– provided it will keep in line with their dramatic, cinematic style (it’s not the edgelord that ties their a-sides together). But Hirate center is the expected outcome. There’s no reason to be surprised.
  • The silent majority matters. In any topic, SNS posts represent only the types who like to post their opinions, which isn’t a reliable gauge to base what the entire audience and prospective audience wants. Like online polls, it won’t compare to an actual survey where the sample pool is a lot more randomized, thus more accurately representing overall sentiments. Your circle of friends or a chat room most certainly also is far from reliable. It’s not reliable at all. With that…
  • At this point, management may have had reasons to believe a center change isn’t needed yet, using information aside from SNS opinions. Management cares about the money fans will be giving to them, you know? But maybe it’s just Aki-P doing what he wants? Who knows? But Aki-P is a proven producer. If you want to discredit his input on the many good, then you can’t fault him for what you’re saying is bad. Especially if the thing you’re criticizing isn’t showing signs of failing. You and your friends disliking things doesn’t mean it’s failing.
  • Hirate leaving center won’t get her significantly more rest. She’s already been absolved of any public speaking duties, and very rarely been writing blogs and mobame. As Keya’s most recognizable name outside the fanbase– with only Neru getting close– she’ll have just as much work demand even without front-row or center push. The only way for her to get more rest is if she takes a hiatus or semi-hiatus. Hirate’s workload probably isn’t even that much heavier compared to other top idols, maybe even Neru. It’s just being highlighted by her refusal to give lip service and fake smiles, and that she got sick at the summer tour. That said, more rest for Techi is good, as well as for others who feel overworked.
  • The Kanji and/or Hirate antis won’t change their mind just from a center change, so it’s right to focus on growing the fanbase by targeting the prospective fans who surely outnumber antis.
  • All the drama keeps more people engaged with Keya year-round. Most fans won’t leave just because they disagree with management, they just get more engaged. The ones who leave will be outnumbered by those they attract with all the buzz surrounding Keya. However unfortunate, incidents like in kouhaku ultimately serve to benefit them more than harm them. Because…
  • All the negative sentiments are towards management, and not the girls themselves. The fans’ loyalty to the girls are just strengthened. There’s really no way to confirm it, but I think the fans are just dancing to the management’s strategy. I don’t believe the incidents were scripted, but they aren’t doing anything to better their image to the fans, aren’t they?
  • As with the above, the unfairness of Hiragana’s situation drives a lot of their supporters mad. But that doesn’t make them leave the gana-chans, it only makes them stick with hiragana more. Everything just becomes part of the story.

Okay, I think those are everything. I may have forgotten some things I wanted to say because this is a quick take, but who cares about my opinion lol.


The Abyss is Truth.

People flock around it. People seek it.

It is God. It is knowledge. It is adventure. It is dreams.

Those who have gone deep and died are made into legends, in complete ignorance of the truth. Legends are made of ignorance. Ignorance powers the world.

The deeper you go down, the harder it is to go back. The deeper you go, the more dangers there are. Even deeper, and things become so warped.

The more you know, the tougher your return to comfort. Reality is painful. The truth can’t be fathomed.

Deeper and deeper. There comes a point when you can’t return anymore. Ignorance is now impossible. Only the strongest have a chance of making it out alive. Only the strongest can live with the truth.

Deeper and deeper. You will break. Eventually, you’ll cease to be human. Reality is too hard. The truth can’t be accepted.

Outside, the Abyss is bliss.

Inside, the Abyss destroys.

I Don’t Hate nor Like Mineta

Ever since Boku no Hero Academia’s popularity exploded when S2 started, I’ve been seeing a lot of hate toward Mineta. This brings to mind something I see all the time with many people regarding how they consume fiction: they dislike or hate on non-villains that make stupid decisions or ones with problematic attitudes, then regard them as bad characters. My impression is that this is how majority of people are.

I just don’t think like that at all.

Mineta has a problematic attitude, particularly when it comes to women. I completely agree with that. Maybe he’s a bad person, though I wouldn’t simplify such a strong black and white label down to being a pervert. Everyone has stains on them. Some, their fault, some not. Some, society’s more accepting of and some unacceptable for society. And I’m not the type who’s so confident and convinced by my righteousness to throw stones at people characters.

But the moral aspect isn’t what I disagree with. It’s how they label him as a bad character. A bad person, I won’t disagree or agree yet. But a bad character? As long as he doesn’t act out of character and fulfills his role effectively whenever the plot demands an active role from him, he is not a bad character in my opinion. Yes, his character could’ve been written without his pervertedness and HeroAca would still work since he’s not a main character. But that doesn’t have any bearing on whether he’s a good character. That’s just changing character’s traits. Traits don’t define a good character, writing does.

If it’s about sending the wrong message or enabling the problematic attitude he has toward women, I don’t think HeroAca’s ever treated what he does as something to be celebrated. I think he’s just being portrayed as a perverted classmate who happened to be on the side which isn’t evil. He’s just there. I don’t think there’s any celebration in that. Do people really think every middle school or high school classmate they had who acts perverted are shitty people? I would say it’s probably a mix of shitty and non-shitty ones.

They can hate Mineta as much as they want. Their reasons are justified. I just think calling a character bad because you dislike the character’s qualities as a person is overreaching. Mineta just happened to be a good example to use in expressing this sentiment of mine. And I really can’t relate to feeling so strongly on characters. You may call me cold-hearted. I didn’t cry at Clannad: After Story after all.

But I did feel strong enough about people equating a character they hate to a bad character to write a blog entry on it lol.

I Will Always Remember Looking Up at the Half Moon

Sometimes — or in my case, often — you just can’t explain why something is special to you. Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora (Looking Up At The Half Moon) is an excellent example of that for me. I’m talking about the anime, by the way.

I had a problem with how it handled the drama at times, especially with the doctor. Production value was just decent on average, or maybe I just didn’t like that art. Even through my first watch of the series, I assessed it as such.  And yet, despite its apparent problems, it has always felt like one of my favorites, especially if  we only talk about romance titles.

In the end, it’s really how something made you feel that sticks with you, rather than the details. It wasn’t realistic, but there was just something pure and real in it that captured me. It was bittersweet. It was so bittersweet, yet in the end the bitter was drowned out by the sweet. And not because the sadness disappeared, but just because the pair chose to feel their happiness to the fullest.

I don’t know what else to talk about in this series but I wanted to write a short post remembering it. I haven’t rewatched it for years now and I don’t plan on rewatching soon. I haven’t read the light novels. I remember there was a live action adaptation I didn’t continue watching lol. Also the OP/ED are so good. I’ll just end it with it.